Sascha Barboza Net Worth 2022: Age, Career, Height, Income

Sascha Fitness Net Worth

Sascha Barboza net worth

Venezuela Model and social media star Sascha Barboza are also familiar with Sascha Fitness. She uploads fitness vlogs & exercise videos where she receives the support of millions of people on youtube and Instagram. Sascha Barboza net worth is $1 Million – $5 Million.

Full Name      Sascha Barboza
Date of Birth     December 19, 1984
Place of BirthVenezuela
Birth SignSagittarius

Early life and career

Sascha Fitness was born on December 19, 1984, in Venezuela, the country of South America. She got a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The fitness guru married Andres Ordonez and the mother of two children Avril and Luna.

Sascha fitness was the girl who started to give 140-character tips on Twitter. She started her career as a fitness coach, and now she is a certified coach also the writer of two well-known fitness books Los Secretos de Sascha Fitness & Las Recetas De. Sascha ranks in the list of top Entrepreneurs. According to the database, her salary as of September 2021 is $107.

She went to the United States for six months and her husband to launch her products. Still, unluckily it was impossible to travel from Venezuela to the United States again and again, so they decided to stay there. She is the luckiest person to have an O1 visa which is also known as a talent visa.


Sascha is the seller of hydrolyzed proteins containing different flavors according to the taste of consumers. It is beneficial having a high-quality protein source, easy for the stomach and helps in recovery. A single protein has almost the rate of about $39.99, easily available on her website.

How much does Sascha Barboza earn daily?

The estimated earning of Sascha fitness depends on the training and proteins that she gives to trainees. She makes $39.99 per protein and charges for training because she is a certified training coach, so according to data, her main source of income is her fitness career.

How much does Sascha fitness earn in a month?

Sascha Fitness estimates earning of September is about $107 and of August is $453, so it would be clear that her earnings depend on the work she does monthly, as much as she gives training that much she earns monthly.

How much does Sascha fitness earn yearly?

Her yearly income is not yet confirmed, but yes, her products and training affect her annual income. However, according to data, she earns a different amount every month, so the same logic applies in years.


  •  Sascha Fitness was born on December 19, 1984, in Venezuela, South America.
  • She is a certified fitness coach and got the title of Venezuela & Bikini Model.
  • She is also well-known for her social media publicity.
  • As a kid, she loved drawing, but as time passed, she began an interest in food, nutrition, and exercise, now she is a certified fitness coach.
  • She is a very cultural lady, businesswoman, writer, Fitness Coach, speaker, and a full-time mom.
  • The fitness guru married Andrés Ordonez and is the mother of two children.
  • Sascha Fitness’s net worth is $1 Million – $5 Million.

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