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Omar Raja Net Worth 2023

Omar Raja Net Worth

Omar Raja is a popular personality by being a Pakistani social content commentator from the network ESPN, and he is also an entrepreneur. Omer Raja Net Worth is about $5 million and mostly comes from the House of Highlights, a show by YouTube launched in 2018.

Due to his popularity, he is also known as the Florida-based Instagram star as his account has almost 10 million fans where he posts sports-related videos. In addition, he is regarded as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the United States. That’s why he can accumulate such a great net worth.

Name Omar Raja
Birth Place Florida, United States
Date of Birth April 16, 1994
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net Worth $5 million
Profession Entrepreneur, content creator
Nationality American
Family Parents, 1 sibling
Age 29 years

Omar Raja’s early life:

Omar was born in Florida on the date of 16 April 1994 in the United States of America. His parents are from Pakistan, but they migrated before his birth to the USA. So he has been living in the USA since childhood, and that’s why he gained citizenship in the USA.

Omar spent his childhood in Pembroke Pines in Florida. He graduated from West Broward High School. From the beginning, he was fond of sports. He liked playing football and participates in different competitions during School life. He completed his college studies at University of Central Florida.

Omar Raja’s Career:

His career started at a very young age. He started working at the age of twenty. In 2014, he took his first step out as a social media content creator. At the same time, he was preparing himself to be studied in the college in business. So, he created an Instagram account which was named a highlight factory.

He started posting different videos he captured by being on the football team as a memorable moment in that account. After some time, he changed the name of that account, and it is now the

House of Highlights. He just gained 2 million followers in two years. But now, in 2022, he has a fan following of about 25.3 million.

He launched a YouTube channel with the same name as the Instagram account in 2018. Until now, he gained a good fan following there too. He has 2.9 million subscribers on that channel. He also started a show on YouTube in which he starred Mark Philips with him in 2018.

Omar Raja Net Worth:

According to Wikipedia and Forbes & Business Insider, Omar Raja net worth is 5 million dollars in the year 2022. He gained his net worth from three different sources. First, he gets the monthly salary from the ESPN sports channel. On the other hand, he takes money for promoting any brand through his account on Instagram.

Moreover, he has a YouTube channel from which he earns money. These multiple things helped him to accumulate such a big amount in the net worth. In addition, he has his own house in the United States of America. Thus, he gained fame at such a young age and could be on the list of one of the richest entrepreneurs.

Omar Raja’s Salary:

As you know, he is an employee of the ESPN sports channel and also a social media content creator. From ESPN, he earns 500k dollars in 2022. Additionally, the channel increases his salary every year by 20%. Secondly, he earns from the brand promotion through his account. He charges up to 360k to 680k for each brand promotion.

Omar Raja’s Family:

Omar has a good relationship with his family. His family has four members, including him. His father’s name is Hayder, and his mother’s name is Ismat Raja. He has one sister in his siblings, and her name is Sabeen Raja. No information is available about having any girlfriend or wife of Omar.


Omar raja was born and grew up in the USA, and he made his career in this country. He proved himself in his professional life at such a young age. He earned his name even by being a Pakistani from the background. He comes to the list of richest businessmen living in Florida, USA.

He has been fond of sports from his early life, turning his interest into professional life. He is very optimistic about everything, and he wants to grow more in the future.

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