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Lil House Phone Net Worth

Lil House Phone Net Worth

Do you want to know about Lil House Phone net worth? It is estimated at $14 million in 2021. Lil House phone is a rocking music star. He is an American-based rapper. Some of his famous songs are Expensive Fabric, Jus woke up, and Two Virgilis.

He was born in August 1993, also known as the house phone; Shawty became famous for his hit EP voicemails.

Currently, the house phone is not dating anyone. However, it is known that he had a relationship before, but not much is known about his past affairs.
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Name Demonte Hoilett (Lil House Phone)
Date of Birth August 13, 1993
Birthplace California
Profession Rapper
Religion Not available
Age 27 years
Net Worth $14 million

The Early Life of Lil House Phone

House phone was born in California. He grew up in Hawthorne; he says that the place wasn’t super awesome, nor was it terrible. It was something in the middle. In his early life, he was a skater and was fond of having fashionable items.

Currently, the rapper is 27 years, 11 months old. House Phone will celebrate its 28th birthday next month, on August 13. His zodiac sign is Leo. He hails from California, and not much is known about his family life.

The most known people of his age group from his hometown are the members of Odd Future. The rapper became friends with Adam in his early youth. They were seen at various parties together

in LA. Adam is famous for serving in the podcast No Jumper, where he was an occasional host. House phone has tremendous gratitude for Adam and says that Adam has helped him become what he is today.

What inspired House Phone to start rapping was when he attended his first HAM ON EVERYTHING show.

He took other nicknames before adapting to House phone and Lil celly, Lil wifi, and sim card shawty. After these monikers, he took Lil House, and to date, people know him by this name more than his actual name. He lives in his own house.

House Phone rose to fame due to his hit EP Voicemails in 2016. He released his debut single Dial Tone in 2015 on Soundcloud. DJ Tiesto produced his hits On God and Tokyo Goons.

He released his album Voicemails in 2017 and later on released Voicemails 2 in 2018. Last year, Big Phone was released, which was an instant hit.

He released his singles in 2015, WhatsUp witchu, and Uber Truck in 2016. Last year he released Swallow Squad, which is very famous among fans.

Lil House Phone Personal Life

House Phone Shawty keeps his personal life entirely private. The public does not know much. However, this is understood that Lil House Phone is not currently involved in any romantic relationship. He is not seen with any other celebrity either, so it is assumed that he is not seeing anyone.

House phone has had one relationship before, but he has not revealed much information about his past girlfriend. Lil House Phone is currently single and has not been engaged to anyone in the past.

Lil House Phone Net Worth

House Phone is one of the wealthiest rappers in California. His name is included among the famous people that are born on August 13.

As far as the net worth is concerned, Lil House Phone’s net worth is $14 million. He earns most of his money from rapping and is a very famous rapper on the planet.

He appears on the No Jumper YouTube channel, where he and his old pal Adam make videos together, and he is pretty popular on YouTube. He’s famous on social media sites like Instagram and enjoys a following of 117K fans.


Lil House Phone started his career by releasing his single Dial Tone in 2015 and rose to fame with his hit Voicemails in 2016. He’s an American rapper and a famous social media personality.
Not much is known about House Phone’s relationship life; the rapper is not seeing anyone currently nor engaged to anyone in the past. Lil House Phone’s net worth is $14 million, which is expected to rise in the future!s

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