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Jeffrey Combs Net Worth 2023

Jeffrey Combs Net Worth

Have you ever thought of Jeffrey Combs net worth? It is estimated to be about $32 million in 2021. Jeffrey Combs is a well-known American actor known for his work in various Horror movies, such as Re-animator, and because of his various appearances in the Star Trek series.

He is best known for his roles in television series such as ‘’Doom Patrol, Transformers Prime, Criminal Minds, and “The Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes,” etc.

Name Jeffrey Combs
Date of Birth September 9, 1954
Birthplace Oxnard, California
Profession Actor/Director
Religion Not available
Age 68 years old
Net Worth $32 million

The early life of Jeffrey Combs

On September 9, 1954, Jeffrey was born in Oxnard, California, to Eugene Combs and Jean Owens. Combs is currently 66 years old, and his Zodiac sign is Virgo. He was a middle child in a large family and was raised in Lompoc, California.

Combs graduated from Lompoc high school. He always wanted to be an actor and wanted to pursue it as a profession. He attended the Santa Maria Pacific Conservatory for performing arts. Afterward, he enrolled in The professional actors training program at the University of Washington. In 1980, Combs moved to Los Angeles and now resides with his family there.

Personal life

Jeffrey has been in a relationship with Canadian model Genevieve Godbout, Brazilian model Gabriello Rebello, and Caroline Amaral.

Currently, Jeffrey Combs is married to actress Alice Cadogan. Alice is known for her work in ‘’Remington Steels, Beverly Hills Cop, and Night of the Creeps.’’ They have a 30-year-old daughter, Catherine Combs. Catherine is also an aspiring stage and screen actress and has worked in New Amsterdam and The Blind Side. She has also performed in many stage plays.

Acting career

Initially, Jeffrey performed at playhouses in his early years as an actor. Sometime later in 1981, he secured his first role In the film ‘Honky Tonk Freeway.’ Comes also appeared in ‘Whose life is it anyway?’ and ‘American Playhouse.’

Furthermore, he also appeared in ‘Frightmare, The Man with two brains, and the TV series ‘The Mississippi.’ Combs’s breakthrough was his role as Herbert West In the horror movie ‘Reanimator.’ He has appeared in several movies and TV series ever since.

Jeffrey is also known for playing various alien characters In the Star Trek series: ‘The Deep Space Nine, The Voyager, and Enterprise.’ Jeffrey has been nominated two times for the Saturn Awards. Overall, he has won four times and has been nominated five times.

Jeffrey Combs Net worth

Based on his acting and directing jobs, Jeffrey Combs’ net worth is estimated to be about $32 million. This includes his acting and directing salaries. Jeffrey Combs is also working with DC Universe and has voiced several DC Universe characters. The income that he earns from this job Is yet to be estimated.


Jeffrey Combs is an American TV actor who has had a fair share of fame due to his work in various horror movies. He is famous for his work in Re-animator and for playing several Star Trek series characters. He has also worked with DC Universe.

Jeffrey is 66 years old And lives in Los Angeles with his family. His family includes his wife Alice and his daughter Catherine. Catherine is also an actress and is best known for her work in The Blind Side.

Currently, Jeffrey is working as a voice-over artist for the DC Universe characters and as an actor and director in Hollywood. Jeffrey Combs’ net worth is approximately 32 million dollars, calculated as a sum of his acting and directing salaries.

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