Jamila T Davis Net Worth & Earnings (2022)

Jamila T Davis net worth

Jamila T Davis Net Worth

Jamila Davis is a well-known activist. Her birth date is July 11, 1977, and she was born in New York City. Jamila T Davis net worth is estimated at $3 million in 2022.

Jamila is also renowned as a jail reform activist and novelist who was convicted to twelve years and a half in prison for her involvement in a multimillion-dollar bank fraud scam. 

She wrote The High Price I Had To Pay and The Voice of Consequences Enrichment series while imprisoned. 

Full NameJamila Davis
Date of Birth/ AgeJuly 11, 1977/ 44 years old
Place of BirthNew York City, NY
Relationship statusMarried
Jamalia T Davis Net worth$3 million
Age44 years old
Last Update2022

Early life:

Jamila T. Davis was born and brought up in Jamaica Queens, New York. She is a motivational speaker and the originator of the Voices of Consequences Enrichment Series for imprisoned women. Davis shows the real-life lessons and possible consequences of unwise decisions with her strong delivery. 

She also shares the tools and strategies she has used to dethrone harmful thought patterns, accomplish emotional healing, and restore and growth. 

By the age of 25, she had used her business experience and smartness to raise herself to become the top of her industry, becoming a star in the Hip-Hop Music Industry and a self-made billionaire through real estate investments. 


Davis had a carefree luxurious lifestyle surrounded by rap artists, professional athletes, and other well-known personalities. Everything appeared to be OK until Davis’ judgment was corrupted by materialism and her business shortcuts backfired, forcing her self-made empire to collapse. 

Davis was found guilty of bank fraud and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in federal prison for her multimillion-dollar bank fraud conspiracy.

As she faced the prospect of imprisonment, Davis’ life was in ruins. She was forced to deal with the source of her problems while imprisoned. She was exposed off in front of all her worldly belongings and abandoned by the majority of her friends.

Restoring self-confidence

Davis sought answers and techniques to help her recover, restore her self-confidence, and find her life’s purpose. She recorded her observations using her formal education from Lincoln University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her real-life experiences after going to jail. Davis wrote a series of publications to empower women by disclosing the tools, tactics, and strategies she utilized to recover. 

Davis also earned many academic degrees while jailed, including her Associates in Psychology, Bachelors in Christian Education, and Masters in African American Ministry. 


Among her works are:

  • A three-book series called Voices of Consequences Enrichment.
  • She’s All Caught Up
  • The High Price I Had to Pay
  • Permission to Dream
  • Unlocking the Prison Doors

Pink Panther Clique

Jamila T. Davis finished her jail sentence in June 2017. After her release, she wrote the urban fiction book “Pink Panther Clique” with Aisha Hall and Sunshine Smith-Williams. Davis was jailed alongside both co-authors. 

Behind prison, they worked with New York Times Best Selling Author Wahida Clark, who helped them publish their book. The work of this dynamic literary pair drew a lot of media attention.

 Their partnership eventually sparked a movement that drew awareness on the pandemic of women in prison and the lengthy terms many are serving for nonviolent offenses.

Creation of a platform to help women

After witnessing the injustices that women experience behind bars, Jamila T. Davis created the “The High Price I Had to Pay” Book Series, providing a forum for female nonviolent criminals serving decade-plus sentences to tell their story. The series led to the establishment of WomenOverIncarcerated.org.

Jamila T Davis Net Worth and Zodiac Sign:

Jamila was born on July 11, 1977. She is forty-four years old, and her birth sign is Cancer. Jamila was prosecuted by Former US Attorney Chris Christie back in 2008.

She was involved in the production of the reality television show Left Behind.

Jamila T Davis Net Worth and Relationship status:

She is married and does not talk about her personal life much. Kywuan “Ky-Lee” Warren, her son, is her only child.

Jamila t Davis Net worth:

Jamila Davis’ net worth is believed to be about $3 million.  She was a contributor to the fact-based television series Left Behind.

She seems to have been a real estate investor and a hip-hop music and expert sports activities celebrity advisor.


Davis is determined to find her way forward after being encouraged by her prior hardships. Her life philosophy is: It’s never too late to reclaim your goals, no matter how far you’ve fallen in life! Davis is dedicated to making a difference with her uplifting speech, literary genre, and activism.

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  1. Hi Jamalia, You do not know Me but I just look at the TV program about You. Baby I want You to know You are ONE OF GOD CHILDREN. You went about things mistakenly not knowing the right way. But You help so many PEOPLE. I have never reach out to know like this but JEHOVAH wanted Me to reach out to You. And NO I’m not JEHOVAH WITNESS I just believe just like we have a Name GOD has one to. And Thanks to be to OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS We have that Choice to life. Baby We ALL have SIN AND FALLEN SHORT at one point of our life. LOVE ❤️ Your Story

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