Chris Thieneman Net Worth: Age, Height, Career, & More

Chris Thieneman Net Worth

Christopher Allen Thieneman was the owner of Real-Estate Company and the former American College Football player. He professionally played football for four years in Canada. After that, he ended his career in the Canadian Football League with Sacramento Gold Miners. Also the co-founder of Mint Jubilee charity event. Chris Thieneman’s net worth is 4 Million Dollars.

Early Life and Career:

Christopher Allen Thieneman was born on June 6, 1965, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. He married the style Blogger Niki Copper on June 4, 2016. Both were the notable parts of 90 Day Fiance Season 6. He got his education from Bishop David High School and completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Louisville. The current age of Chris Thieneman is 56 years. During the early 1990s, Chris Thieneman, an American College Football player, was a defensive lineman in the World League of American Football and the Canadian Football League and was honored with All-County, All-District, and All-State. After football, he started his career in the real estate family business and got a real estate license, established his own developing company

and one of the largest owners of vacant property on Dixie Highway.

Personal Life:

Being the co-founder of the Mint Jubilee charity event, the event has been in debate and was supposed to have misappropriated funds originally meant for the charity. He was also summoned for choking his ex-girlfriend during an argument. The lady was given an Emergency Protective Order of restraint from Thieneman, and in the end, he was found not guilty.

Social Media Accounts:

Chris Thieneman also has updated social media accounts where he posts pictures and his career information of an American footballer and CEO of Real-Estate family business. For more info, you can visit his Linkedin profile

How does Chris Thieneman earn daily?

Chris Thieneman took part in 90 Day Fiance Season 6, in which get paid $1000 to $1500 per episode, being a member of the National Football League, and he got $50,000 monthly, according to which he earned 1667 dollars daily from his football career. However, his earning from the real-estate business is still not revealed.

How much does Chris Thieneman earn monthly?

Information clears that he got paid about $1500 per episode, so he was paid according to the number of episodes in the month. From their football career, he earned $50,000 monthly, which was excellent pay for his survival.

How does Chris Thieneman earn Yearly?

Chris Thieneman earns $400,000 to $600,000 as of the rookie of the NFL at the lowest level. But when he quit his football career, he started earning from a real-estate business (CEO) and developed his own company. It depends on how much he earns from his business, either profit or loss, part of every business. The whole information proves that he has a successful career in both governmental and political life.


  • Christopher Allen Thieneman was born on June 6, 1965, in Louisville, Kentucky,

The United States.

  • He started his career as a professional football player and also the CEO of Real-Estate

Family Business.

  • Chris Thieneman married the fashion vlogger Niki Copper and played a prominent role in

90 Day Fiance.

  • He was found not guilty for the charges which were leveled against him for choking his Ex-wife.

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