Alicia Garza Net Worth 2022: Age, Career, Height, & More

Alicia Garza Net Worth

Alicia Garza is a social or civil rights activist in the United States of America. She is also a writer who has been famous for building up the international black lives matter movement. In addition, she is considered very popular in the USA because of her battle against violence, anti-racism, and police brutality on the transgender or gender of non-confirm color.

She is also doing a lot of work for the civil right of the people. She raised her voice for different issues, including health, student services, etc. She belongs to the United States of America. Alicia Garza net worth is estimated, and it lies in the range from 1 million to 5 million dollars approximately.

NameAlicia Garza
Birth Place Oakland, California, United States
Date of Birth January 4, 1981
Zodiac SignsCapricorn
Alicia Garza Net Worth$1 to 5 million
ProfessionCivil rights activist, writer
Family Husband

Alicia Garza early life:

Alicia Garza was born in Oakland, which is located in California, united stated of America, on January 4, 1981. She got her early education from there. Then she graduated from the University of California, San Diego, in sociology & anthropology. Alicia was very active in such types of things from her early life in school or college.

Besides her studies, she joined the student health center and served herself as a social activist. She also joined the student association, which agreed to pay higher to the university’s caretakers. When Alicia was in her final year of college, she helped organize the first women of the color conference in 2002.

Alicia Garza professional career:

Alicia was active in social issues and civil rights, and she got a degree in it too. That’s why she started her career as an activist in the United States of America. She became famous when she found out about the international black lives matter movement with her other colleagues as a co-founder.

She made the hashtag of black lives matter in 2013, which is now widely recognized. Moreover, she has been the head of many projects. For example, she organized the Win employment rights and national domestic workers alliance, which helped many people. These things made Alicia Garza a well-known activist of the USA.

Besides the work of social activists, she also works as a writer. Her editorial writing has been published in The Nation, Truthout, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone. Moreover, she also works as a principal at the lab of the black future. Because of all these achievements, she was regarded as one of the most victorious activists in the USA.

Alicia Garza Books:

Alicia wrote her first book named the purpose of Power: how we come together when we fall apart and then published it in 2020 by Penguin Random House. This book is all about her life. She shared her story as an activist in the USA, which also has many lessons for future activists. Her book is considered as the essential guide for activists.

Alicia Garza Family:

Alicia was brought up by her American-African mother and her mother’s twin brother. In starting, she lived with them in San Rafael. After some years, she lived with her mother and step-father. She was brought up in a house where mixed race and mixed nation people live. That thing took her to do the activism.

Unfortunately, her mother died in 2018. But she has a spouse named Malachi Garza. Both of them met in 2003. Her husband is also a community activist, and he is transgender too. Alicia and Malachi tied the knot in 2008 after five years of meeting in her birth Oakland.

Alicia Garza Net worth:

Alicia Garza Net Worth is unknown, but the resources say it lies between 1 to 5 million dollars. She made all the wealth by being a famous social activist and well-known writer of the black lives matter movement. She got all the money because of her talent and worked for people.


Alicia Garza had been a part of a family where mix-race people were lived, and this thing made her do something for those people. She raised her voice against violence and brutality over racism, color, breed, etc. She worked hard for the rights of the people, even including the domestic workers. She gave the lesson that lives matter, not race and color.

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