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Alan Watts Net Worth 2023

Alan Watts Net Worth

Throughout his life, he authored over 25 books to share his knowledge with others. Additionally, he was well-known for the numerous speaking engagements that carried him all over the world.
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Name Alan Watts
Date of Birth 6 January 1915
Birthplace England
Profession Philosopher, writer, and speaker
Religion Buddhism
Age 58 years
Net Worth $62 million

Alan Watts’ Net Worth

The net worth of the famed Philosopher Alan Watts was $62 million before he died. He earned them money by being a professional philosopher.

Alan Watts could be considered the guru of meditation. Alan Watts was a person who dedicated his life to meditation. He studied it thoroughly to see how it functioned and how he could best get the full benefits of meditation.

The Early Life Of Alan Watts

Alan Watts was a well-known British philosopher, author, and speaker, quite famous for translating Eastern philosophy into English for a Western audience. Born in England to Christian parents, he became interested in Buddhism when he used to be a student at King’s School, Canterbury.

He afterward joined the Buddhist Lodge, where he met numerous professors and spiritual teachers who assisted him in shaping his thoughts. He starts writing when he was fourteen years old.

Alan immigrated to the United States of America at the age of twenty-three, where he initially took training under a Zen master but left before becoming ordained. He then spent six years in Chicago studying Christian scriptures and serving as a priest before moving to San Francisco to pursue an academic career.

Simultaneously, he began giving lectures on Eastern philosophy and quickly gained a large following both at home and abroad. Apart from publishing more than 25 novels, he also left a roughly 400-speaker audio library, which is still in high demand.

Professional Life

Watts was one of Britain’s earliest Buddhist converts. In 1932, he released his first book on Zen at the age of 20. This book was highly acknowledged, well discussed, and was an international bestseller. He forsakes a meditative and spiritual recovery from Western culture but leaves the church to expulsion for his unusual lifestyle – he preaches free love.

He moved to California and contributed to the set-up in San Francisco, the American Academy of Asian Studies, which introduced Zen worldwide. However, he left and became a self-employed ‘philosopher entertainer,’ wrote books, and talked to college audiences.

Without notes, he could speak non-stop, each with a slightly dull melody and clever use of the dramatic pause. You can look at his YouTube talks for hours, lulled by the voice and atmosphere into a calm slumber, continuing on and on. He has become a backdrop-stoning soundtrack.

He explored the topic of current science and psychology to align mystical experiences with the material conceptions of the cosmos. His fundamental message, and the whole purpose and joy of human life, was to embody the spiritual with the material. He thought that this was only possible by forging your road and following your strange pathway.

Watts claimed that what hinders us from being happy is our incapacity to dwell in the present: the primary consciousness, the basic mind that perceives reality rather than concepts, knows no future. It lives fully in the present and only senses what is currently.

Married Life of Alan watts

He had three marriages: Eleanor Everett, Dorothy DeWitt, Mary Jane Yates King (1963), and seven children.


Watts was a prophet of the idea that outside established religious commitments and institutions, we could achieve our spiritual fulfillment. He advocated the wisdom of insecurity, not a specific faith. For our unsettled age, he was a nomad-prophet. He lectured on the wisdom of the body, the spirituality of sex, the validity of psychedelics for spiritual technique, and the supremacy of Asians’ wisdom over Christianity.

In his profession, in his public profile, at the endless talks on campuses, radio, and television, Watts appears to have been working hard. He believed that excessive spiritual practice would only strengthen your ego. You are already flawless; you are already enlightened; you have nothing to do or to alter.

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